I believe in celebrating couples from all walks of life.

Every story I helped tell was the same and the idea I would ever be able to experience the celebration of a love that looked like mine was foreign to me. Being able to photograph the diverse range of all love encompasses seemed even more foreign.

Now, I get to spend my time celebrating couples from all walks of life. I get to help you celebrate the story you are already writing. Regardless your shape, size, skin tone, religion, or partner, you are welcome here.

Growing up, I wanted to be a writer. I never imagined I would use photography to help tell stories. You and your partner are already writing the story of your love. I have the honor to help tell that story through photography. That is exactly what being a gay wedding photographer in Seattle means to me.

When I first became a wedding photographer, I was living in the Midwest in a state with laws banning same-sex marriage. Every wedding I photographed looked the same.

Hi, I'm Ty Z Wilson


They belong in your hands, on your walls, and tangible. Having physical prints for yourself and your loved ones is the best way to constantly be reminded of the joy in your life and the memories you're making.

Your photos do not belong on your phone.

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