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Are you looking for wedding photography outside of Washington or NYC? Awesome! Even though I’m a Seattle wedding photographer, I have photographed more than twelve countries around the world. Traveling to new locations is part of my process and my passport is ready for your destination wedding or engagement.

Wedding photography has evolved a lot in the past 50 years, but one thing has always remained the same. The love that stirs couples to declare the words, “I do”. As a gay man and member of the LGBTQ community, I know how special and sacred it is to have the ability to openly celebrate that love. This is why I care so much about making sure your day is perfect.

I believe every couple I work with is unique and special. You are unique. You are special. The love you and your partner share for each other is irreplicable. It’s presence in the world creates an everlasting impact beyond what you will ever see. My wedding photography celebrates that.

After the flowers have wilted, food has been eaten, the wine has been drunk, and memories start to fade, your images will remain. Those images will whisper the sweetness of intimacy. They will shout of the joy your partner brings to your life. Your photographs breathe life to the diversity of forms love takes on. You will look back on the memories of those who surrounded you and support you and know you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

To choose me as your photographer is to choose love over hate. To choose respect over spite. You are choosing acceptance, rather than judgment. I welcome you into my home, my family, and celebrate you.

To learn more about what you can expect from me as your wedding photographer, continue browsing my wedding images.

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Our Work

You deserve images that show the joy and life in your relationship. Our number one priority is making sure this happens and your memories are reflective of your personalities.

our values and beliefs

We believe that every person is deserving of dignity and respect.

We believe it is our duty to protect our planet through sustainable practices and environmental efforts.

Our business advocates for LGBTQ rights, women's rights, racial equality, and recognition of First Peoples. We acknowledge we operate on the unceded ancestral lands of the Duwamish people and, when traveling, of our destination's First Peoples.

We celebrate all love, all genders, all bodies, all races, and all abilities. A portion of our proceeds are donated to The Trevor Project, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Lambda Legal.