I love engagement sessions because they give us a break from planning the wedding, and they give you and your partner an excuse to take a break from your week and enjoy each other's company.

This also give me a chance to learn more about the two of you, how you interact, how you display affection, and how you feel in front of the camera. Think of it as a relaxed trial run for the wedding day.

I'm kind of a professional third wheel, and engagement sessions are a perfect excuse to plan a date-night for the three of us.

Okay - the date night is for you and your partner, but I'm going to tag along to make sure you have great images to show for it.

If there was any doubt, that's me!

Bring your engagement photographer to date night.

The Engagement

Your engagement session is a great time to show of your creative flair and unique personality. Where are some of your favorite places? Let's go visit them!

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I'm dying to get to know you, so let's grab coffee or a cocktail (even if virtually!) and talk details. I want to hear all about you and your partner, how you met, what you love, and the day you're planning.

Let's have a kiki

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