Building a truly inclusive business can be hard. Especially when you don't know where to start. These resources are meant to help you tackle inclusion one step at a time.

Tools + Resources

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Not familiar with certain terminology or want to make sure the language you're using isn't deemed offensive? Download the LGBTQ+ Vocabulary guide to help you feel more confident in your queer-inclusive conversations.

LGBTQ+ Vocabulary and Glossary

First things first

Is your organization or event looking to grow in their ability to foster diversity, enact an equality mindset, and create an inclusive environment? Let's chat.

As a white, gay, male entrepreneur, I have:
     Been excluded solely for who I love
     Been refused service based on my sexual orientation
     Received a privileged, white-washed acceptance from
     LGBTQ+ "allies"

As an educator, I:
     Provide action steps to build an inclusive business
     Refute the idea that LGBTQ+ inclusion is not race based
     Do not mince words

Opportunities to collaborate

The rights queer persons have won are at the expense of Black
Transgender Women. Teaching about LGBTQ+ inclusion without
addressing the intersectionality of race and queer identity is an act
of violence toward our trailblazers, to whom we are ever indebted, and who are still treated with the least respect and acceptance in our society.