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How to Hire an Engagement Photographer

Hiring an engagement photographer is a must.

The news is fresh off the press. You’ve already told family and friends. You’ve even posted your ring selfie to Instagram and Facebook (maybe even made a TikTok video if that’s your vibe). But what’s next? Finding an engagement photographer!

I’m a firm believer that everyone should take every opportunity to celebrate that they can. An engagement is no different. Having engagement photos taken is a fun way to continue the celebration. Finding an engagement photographer also gives you the opportunity to connect with your potential wedding photographer in a more informal setting. You’ll also have professional photos of you and your partner in clothes other than your wedding attire.

But we’re not starting the planning process, yet?

My biggest piece of advice to newly engaged couples, when it comes to finding a photographer is to have an engagement session with your wedding photographer. But why? What if you haven’t started planning the details of your wedding, yet? That’s totally fine!

If you plan on having an engagement anywhere between 3-10 months – you’ll want to hire your photographer as early in the process as possible. You’ll also want to hire the same photographer for both your engagement photos and wedding photos.

Why commit to one photographer right away?

With a shorter engagement timeline, you already have a lot of moving parts to plan. Going through the process of hiring a photographer once instead of twice saves a lot of time. It’ll also lead to better results on your wedding day. How?

Well, your wedding photographer will already be familiar with you and your partner. They will understand how the two of you interact together which will help them prompt you in a way that will let them capture the best photos. Additionally, you and your partner will already have spent time with your photographer by the time your wedding arrives and you won’t have to try building rapport with a stranger.

Additionally, most wedding photographers will do one of two things when you inquire about engagement photos:

  1. Offer a discount for including both an engagement session and wedding photography together, OR
  2. Include a complimentary engagement session to all couples who book their wedding photography

When you have a longer engagement but still want to find your engagement photographer.

If you’re planning an engagement that’s 11 months or longer, you might have some flexibility in committing to one photographer right away. Maybe you don’t have a wedding date or venue chosen, yet, but you still want to take engagement photos. In this case, you might hire a photographer solely for your engagement photos, but not commit to the wedding at the same time. This is totally fine.

After you have your engagement photos taken, you can still return and hire the same photographer for your wedding if you loved working with them! Same possibilities, less commitment from the get-go. It all depends on what’s best for you and your partner.


If you’re having a shorter engagement, booking 1 photographer for both engagement and wedding photos is worth the time, and probable cost savings.

If you’re having a longer engagement, the additional time lets you determine if you prefer to have flexibility in your up-front commitment or with cost savings.

Want more information on my engagement process? Send me a message!

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