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Raymond & Jared’s NYC Engagement Photos in Brooklyn



What I love about New York City is the plethora of fantastic areas to take photos at. Raymond & Jared’s NYC engagement photos in Brooklyn are a great example of that! The two had already had a wonderful engagement session in Central Park with Scratch Studios owner and my dear friend, Tyler Lyons. The couple decided to schedule an additional session in Brooklyn that I would photograph as well since Tyler and I often work together in serving our clients.


This additional engagement session allowed us to tailor the experience even more to Jared and Raymond’s personalities. By the end of it, they were feeling completely free to express themselves. This session (like all of them) was so much fun! 


I feel both fortunate and grateful that my job allows me to be able to connect with such amazing people. I can’t wait for you to see how amazing Raymond & Jared’s NYC engagement photos turned out! 


Behind The Scenes Of Raymond & Jared’s NYC Engagement Photos

I had a phone call with Raymond & Jarred prior to their engagement session in Brooklyn, to find out more about what they were looking for from their session. We talked through insecurities that made them feel vulnerable and outfit choices that made them feel comfortable. And they shared some images from their previous session that meant the most to them.


As a wedding photographer, I find it important to talk about these topics with my clients beforehand. These conversations allow me to get a great sense of what makes each of them feel most confident in themselves. The conversation I had with Raymond & Jared ultimately allowed them to enjoy every moment of their engagement session in the busiest city in America. 


Personalizing Their Engagement Session

For Raymond & Jared’s NYC engagement session, we traveled to DUMBO and met in front of Jane’s Carousel. Staying within the nearby blocks, we took photos along the East River waterfront, throughout the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Max Family Garden at St. Ann’s Warehouse, and a neighboring retail rooftop.


The couple tailored their NYC engagement photos to focus on a comfortable date-night look. They wanted to feel like they were having a night out in the city together. This allowed them to lean into expressing themselves freely. 


From our previous conversation, I knew that Jared & Raymond wanted to focus on capturing moments of them interacting in a way that felt comfortable and natural to them. The two put their total trust in me. I continually guided them through interactions that would not only photograph well, but also allow their personalities come through.


As the session progressed, I could visibly notice as these two became more comfortable in front of the camera. Once they realized that they could candidly be themselves, they were able to fully relax and let their personalities shine.


What really made this session so special for me though, was when Raymond turned to Jared and said, “He’s the one! I can’t wait to have him photograph our wedding.” It was truly an honor to hear those words. This is the feeling I strive for all of my clients to experience when working with me, so I can’t express just how happy I was to know that I had succeeded in doing that!


After concluding their session, Jared & Raymond continued the evening with a date-night in the neighborhood as they watched the sun set behind the Manhattan skyline. This was a session I loved every minute of, and I’m so grateful to Jared & Raymond for inviting me to be a part of this special chapter in their story. 




 Why Representation Matters As An LGBTQ+ Photographer

As a queer man and business owner, it’s important that for me to show diversity in my work. It’ also important for me represent the LGBTQ+ community.

Jared & Raymond’s trust in me to photograph their NYC engagement session plays an active role in embracing, celebrating, and showcasing queer love. And this is what my business is all about!

Unfortunately though, being queer when planning your wedding, feels like coming out never ends. So when inquiring with any photographer, make sure that they are willing to talk with you prior to your session. This way you can express any concerns or hesitations you have as well as what you’re wanting from your session. 

You want to look for a photographer that is able to create a comfortable environment. Someone that can guide you through any decisions that you aren’t 100% certain about. This is critical for having a both a great experience, and images that you can look back on and love with your partner forever! 


Looking For An NYC Engagement Photographer?

If you’re looking for an NYC engagement photographer, look no further! I am always looking for a reason to visit New York City, so when you’re ready to inquire, you can fill out my contact form here

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