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It’s the last day of Pride month and I’m in literal tears reading my friend Natalie Franke‘s new book Built to Belong which is available pretty much everywhere books are sold. So what do Pride, my tears, and Natalie’s book have in common? The message that you are worth being celebrated, you are all valuable, […]

Being Built to Belong


Image of the book Built to Belong on a white background

Hiring an engagement photographer is a must. The news is fresh off the press. You’ve already told family and friends. You’ve even posted your ring selfie to Instagram and Facebook (maybe even made a TikTok video if that’s your vibe). But what’s next? Finding an engagement photographer! I’m a firm believer that everyone should take […]

How to Hire an Engagement Photographer


Interracial lesbian couple walking in front of a yellow mural

Growing up in a conservative Christian family in the Midwest, it wasn’t easy coming out. When I did, I’d never imagine the life I’d be living today.

Coming Out In A Conservative Midwest Family


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Planning a wedding, while challenging, should not be a time fraught with the fear of rejection. Unfortunately, this is a sad truth for those planning LGBTQ weddings. Should you come out to vendors?

Coming Out to Wedding Vendors


Engagement photo of two gay men

Let me be real with y’all. When I first started my business, I was a full blown imposter. I was as a gay wedding photographer and felt terrified to let people know who I truly was. You see, I began photographing weddings in 2011 – four years before the United States Supreme Court ruled, in Obergefell V. Hodges, that state laws banning same-sex marriage were unconstitutional.

Working as a Gay Wedding Photographer


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One of my favorite things about being a New York City wedding photographer is the abundance of amazing vendors in the city. One of the first wedding vendors I reached out to when I moved to New York City was Catherine Schiff of Bayith, which is a boutique textiles company in Brooklyn that specializes in […]

Boutique Wedding Linens | Bayith Vendor Spotlight